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Dear kindly Maltese woman who helped me
to go to see a doctor in Rabat
How are you doing?
Sorry, I missed asking your name then; however, I would like to say "thanks a lot" to you now.
Do you remember Japanese guy who felt dizzy at Parish Square in front of the St. Paul's Church in Rabat on September 3, 1999?
Actually, I was traveling in Malta with my friend, but we didn't know what we should do.
You just passed by us and took us to some hospital at Rabat then.
After seeing a doctor, I was carried by an ambulance from there to St. Luke's Hospital, and then I was hospitalized at once due to dehydration from traveler's diarrhea.
Without your help, I might have died.
But thanks to your help, I was discharged from the hospital after 3 days, and continued my trip.
I really appreciate your kindness in Rabat.
Finally, please take care of yourself and enjoy your life everyday.

With best wishes.

Carlos Hassan

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