Do you also say "meiyou (No, I don't have it.)"?


This day we made a day excursion to Shenzhen and had a dinner at Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant in Happy Valley as a main event of our traveling circle "Soreyuke (Let's go).
First we took KCR East train from East Tsim Sha Tsui to Lo Wu as a checkpoint for rail passengers between Hong Kong and mainland China and vice-versa.
It cost us HK$34.8 paid by Octopus Card and it's around 40 minutes' ride.
And we were not troubled a snail's procession, we could smoothly cross-border.

Shenzhen Metro's tokenSince Hong Kong dollar is generally accepted equivalent to Chinese Renminbi in Shenzhen, I heard currency exchange is unnecessary in case of day trip.
But If you are not group tourist from Hong Kong, you should obtain Renminbi at the banks located around Lo Wu checkpoint.
By doing this, you may have small change.

By the way, we tried to buy Shenzhen Metro's (see also here) a token from a vending machine, but banknotes didn't be accepted.
And we tried to get Renminbi's coins by shopping, but the shop clerk gave us change by Hong Kong dollars.
We asked her to give one by Renminbi, but she seemed to not understand it well for sure.
Finally, she said "meiyou (No, I don't have it)."
So I heard former Chinese usually use a stock phrase "meiyou"if they get complicated, recently it has been used on the decrease; however, their mentality cannot be changed easily.
We could buy a token by banknotes at the counter.
We found two counter in station yard; one was to make a long line because of near Lo Wu checkpoint, the other located near the ticket gates was uncrowded.
Why do they display these information, or is this nonsense question in China?

China Folk Culture Village
Horseback Battle, Unparalleled Heroes' Show
Horseback Battle, Unparalleled Heroes' Show Horseback Battle, Unparalleled Heroes' Show
Horseback Battle, Unparalleled Heroes' Show Horseback Battle, Unparalleled Heroes' Show
Wa Village's Show Hundred Surname Street
Wa Village's Show Hundred Surname Street
Fly Fox
Fly Fox Fly Fox

After lunch we went to China Folk Culture Village by Shenzhen Metro.
It cost us only 5 Yuan, there can be accessed from Hua Qiao Cheng station Exit D.
The admission fee of the village was 120 Yuan, we picked up the information leaflet, and then watched Horseback Battle, Unparalleled Heroes' Show at 2 p.m.
Unfortunately it was not very interesting for me.

Most pleasure was Fly Fox (10 Yuan) which three of us played, I felt nervous that one of us hanged in midair above the brook because the pulley was stopped due to his lightweight.
So I thought that Fly Fox have a risk of falling down from the pulley because of China's facilities.
After all we finished to play without accident, right?

Chuk Yuen Seafood RestaurantAfter exploring in Shenzhen we came back to Hong Kong, and had a dinner at Chuk Yuen Seafood Restaurant.
Thanks to the party organizer, I took the easy course like package tourists.
Finally, we chatted over liquor liquor at the lobby bar of Island Shangri-La Hong Kong.
I was so drunk that my memory was a bit hazy.

I couldn't do anything!


Times SquareThis day I was planning to drop a postcard at any Hong Kong Post Office, and then go shopping or get a massage before leaving.
However, I couldn't do anything after all because of getting up late.
I slightly regretted doing so.
The reason why I was planning to leave in the afternoon was not for sleeping in the morning.
Anyway we went to Hong Kong for an annual year-end party, so I learned my lesson that I must get on the stick until the end in order to use the time effectively.

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