Bikini War in Riviera, Italy
Yumiko Shaku, Japanese actress
Yumiko Shaku, Japanese actress
The feature program "the unique law in the world" was on TV one day.
I remembered the past newspaper article when I heard that Andrea Guglieri, the mayor of Diano Marina issued some interesting regulations.
This is so-called "the regulation of 90-60-90," which means to ban fat and ugly women from walking around in bikini.
The 90-60-90 has its origin of the ideal measurements, and it has been issued since June 15, 1996.
Municipal employees control violators, who are given instruction or subject to fine.
As of 1993, more two cities on the Italian Riviera had the same regulations as the Diano Marina's one.
Such regulations are likely to antagonize women; so Andrea Guglieri, the mayor of Diano Marina recognized like this.
However, not only a lot of men but also women go to the beach in this city.
I wonder that he got re-elected, because I think there was a election of a mayor once at least during 6 years.
Many Japanese politicians feel pressured women's power, while he can serve as mayor even if some women have ill feeling against his policy.
Bikini War in Riviera in summer (Mainichi Shimbun on July 21, 1993)
"Ban uncharming women in bikini! Walking around only the beach!"
*posted in Japanese on July 20, from Rome by Shinji Hirai / translated by me
"Ban walking around in bikini except the beach!" "Ban fat and ugly women from walking around in bikini!" In mid-summer, three mayors on the Italian Riviera issued boorish regulations, and they antagonized vacationers. "Is this OK?" said some topless woman. "How do you judge whether I am charming?" other women let out at policemen. The Bikini War would heat up.
****The regulations antagonize citizen.****

In summer, not only bikini girls but also topless ones enjoy themselves and galleries in Riviera region. But the mayor of Alassio and Pietra Ligure banned walking around in bikini except the beach.
Some Milanese woman shouted in anger, "It's incredible! Here is NOT a monastery. Is it OK to walk around in topless?" "Do you have a complain? I am Not in bikini!"said another topless woman who was given instruction by policeman.
Moreover, the mayor of Diano Marina banned uncharming women from walking around in bikini.
The women's organization of the city let out at municipal authorities, "How and who judge whether we are charming?" But city officials said "Rule is rule."
In Diano Marina, some bikini girls who were given instruction by policeman said, "Is it problem? Am I uncharming?"
Meanwhile, some gay group walked around in bikini, and said "It's no problem!" They received a lot of applause by citizen and vacationers.
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