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Links about Americas


Bahamas Air (http://bahamasair.com/)
Bahamas Ferries (http://www.bahamasferries.com/)
Bahamas On-Line (http://www.bahamas-on-line.com/)
Eleuthera and Harbour Island (http://www.eleuthera.com/)
Explore Nassau and Paradise Island (http://www.nassauparadiseisland.com/)
Explore the Islands of the Bahamas (http://www.bahamas.com/)
Grand Bahama Vacations (http://www.grandbahamavacations.com/)
Nassau Lynden Pindling International Airport (http://www.nas.bs/)


Belize.com (http://www.belize.com/)
Belize Travel (http://www.belizetravel.com/)
Belize Tourism Board (http://www.travelbelize.org/)
Belize Vacation Guide and Business Directory (http://www.belizegateway.com/)
Belize Virtual Tour (http://www.belizeexplorer.com/)
Belize Water Taxi (http://www.cayecaulkerwatertaxi.com/)
Go Caye Caulker.com (http://www.gocayecaulker.com/)
Maya Island Air (http://www.mayaairways.com/)
Tropic Air (https://www.tropicair.com/)


Before you go to La Paz, Uyuni and other highland places, please read the article of altitude sickness in UK's National Health Service (NHS).

Bolivia Bella (http://www.boliviabella.com/)
La Paz on Foot (https://www.lapazonfoot.com/)
Mi Teleférico (La Paz ropeway) (http://www.miteleferico.bo/)
SABSA S.A. -Aeropuertos de Bolivia, Santa Cruz, La Paz y Cochabamba (http://www.sabsa.aero/aeropuertos.aspx)
Sucre Life (http://www.sucrelife.com/)
Tickets Bolivia.com (https://www.ticketsbolivia.com/)
UK's Foreign travel advice - Bolivia (https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/bolivia)
Visit Bolivia (http://www.visitbolivia.org/)
Visit Santa Cruz County (http://www.santacruz.org/)


New entry requirement now in effect: visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to or transit through Canada need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travellers with a valid Canadian visa. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, and Canadian permanent residents cannot apply for an eTA.

Official Site of the Canadian Tourism Commission (http://www.travelcanada.ca/)

State of Ontario

Niagara Airbus (http://www.niagaraairbus.com/)
Niagara Falls Live (http://www.niagarafallslive.com/)
Niagara Falls Tourist Information Guide (http://www.infoniagara.com/)
Niagara Parks (http://www.niagaraparks.com/)
Ontario Travel (http://www.ontariotravel.net/)
Toronto Pearson International Airport (http://www.gtaa.com/)
Tourism Niagara (http://www.tourismniagara.com/)
Tourism Toronto (http://www.torontotourism.com/)


Web Directory: Touristic Directory of Cuba (http://www.cubaweb.cu/)

Cienfuegos City Information (http://www.cienfuegoscity.org/)
Cuba Travel (http://www.netssa.com/)
Cuba travel guide (http://cubatravel.org/)
Go Cuba (http://gocuba.ca/)
Havana City Guide (http://www.lahabana.com/)
Havana Insider (https://www.havanainsider.com/)
Trip Cuba (http://www.tripcuba.org/)
Turismo de Cuba (http://www.cubatravel.cu/)
Varadero Guide (http://www.varaderoguide.net/)
Viazul Bus (http://www.viazul.com/)

Dominican Republic

Aeropuertos Dominicanos (http://www.aerodom.com/)
Avirtual Dominica (http://www.avirtualdominica.com/)
Caribe Tours (http://www.caribetours.com.do/)
Discover Dominica (http://www.dominica.dm/)
Dominica Weekly (http://www.dominica-weekly.com/)
Insider's guide to Puerto Plata (http://www.puertoplata.com/)
Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic (http://www.godominicanrepublic.com/)
Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) (http://www.puntacanainternationalairport.com/)


Web Directory: Guatemala Links (http://mostlymaya.com/2Guatemala.html)

Around Antigua (http://www.aroundantigua.com/)
Aventura Total (Guatemala Travel & Adventure) (http://www.guatemalaadventure.com/)
Enjoy Guatemala (http://www.enjoyguatemala.com/)
Guatemala.com (http://www.guatemala.com/)
Guatemala Tourism Commission (http://www.visitguatemala.com/)
Guatemala Web (http://www.guatemalaweb.com/)
La Ruta Maya (http://www.larutamayaonline.com/)
Panajachel Information (http://www.panajachel.info/)
Tikal Information (http://www.tikalinformation.com/)
Turansa (Guatemala Tours and Independent Travel Services) (http://www.turansa.com/)

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Discover Jamaica (http://discoverjamaica.com/)
Jamaica Air Shuttle (http://www.jamaicaairshuttle.com/)
Visit Jamaica (http://www.visitjamaica.com/)
Knutsford Express (https://www.knutsfordexpress.com/)
Montego Bay Jamaica - Sangster International Airport (MBJ) (http://www.mbjairport.com/)
Negril, Jamaica (http://www.negril.com/)
Ocho Rios, Jamaica (http://www.ochorios.com/)
The official visitors guide to Montego Bay, Jamaica (http://www.montego-bay-jamaica.com/)
Transport Authority of Jamaica (http://www.ta.org.jm/)


Web Directory: MEX Online (http://www.mexonline.com/)

Web Directory: Mexican, Central American and Caribbean bus schedule (http://horariodebuses.com/)

Airports in Central and Northern region of Mexico (OMA) (http://www.oma.aero/)
Airports in Pacific region of Mexico (GAP) (http://www.aeropuertosgap.com.mx/)
Airports in Southeast of Mexico (ASUR) (http://www.asur.com.mx/)
All About Mexico (http://www.allaboutmexico.com/)
Bus Ticket in Mexico (http://www.ticketbus.com.mx/)
Government of Mexico - Tourism (http://www.gob.mx/wb/egobierno/egob_Tourism)
Know & Enjoy Mexico (http://www.knowmexico.com/)
Larpman's Guide to Mexico (http://www.larpman.com/)
Maya Ruins (http://www.mayaruins.com/)
Mexico.com (http://www.mexico.com/)
Mexico Connect (http://www.mexconnect.com/)
Mexico on the road in (http://www.ontheroadin.com/)
Travel by Mexico (http://www.travelbymexico.com/)
Visit Mexico (http://www.visitmexico.com/)
Visiting Mexico (http://www.visitingmexico.com.mx/)

Acapulco and Guerrero State

Acapulco.com (http://www.acapulco.com/)
Acapulco Alvarez International Airport (http://www.airport-acapulco.com/)
Guide for Ixtapa (http://www.ixtapa.net/)
Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo - Troncones Travel Guide (http://www.zihua-ixtapa.com/)
Real Acapulco (http://www.realacapulco.com/)

Baja California and Sea of Cortez Area

All About Mazatlan (http://www.allaboutmazatlan.com/)
Baja.com (http://www.baja.com/)
Baja Ferries (Spanish only) (http://www.bajaferries.com/)
Baja Ferry Schedules to Mazatlan, Los Mochis (http://www.mexicoguru.com/baja-ferry.php)
Baja Life Online (http://www.bajalife.com/)
Chihuahua al Pacifico Railway (http://www.chepe.com.mx/)
Ferry Santa Rosalia (http://www.ferrysantarosalia.com/)
La Paz Tourism (http://www.lapaz-tourism.com/)
Los Cabos Tourism (http://www.loscabos-tourism.com/)
Sinaloa State Tourism (http://www.vivesinaloa.com/)
Sonora State Tourism (http://www.gotosonora.com/)
Tijuana.com (http://www.tijuana.com/)
Visit Los Mochis (http://www.visitlosmochis.com.mx/)

Chiapas State

Best Tours by Chiapas (http://www.chiapastravel.com.mx/)
Palenque Travel Information (http://www.palenquechiapas.com.mx/)
San Cristóbal de las Casas Information (http://www.sancristobaldelascasasmexico.com/)
Turismo en Chiapas (Spanish only) (http://www.turismochiapas.gob.mx/)

Guanajuato State

About Guanajuato (http://www.aboutguanajuato.com/)
Guanajuato Travel Information (http://www.vamosaguanajuato.com/)
San Miguel de Allende News and Information (http://portalsanmiguel.com/)
San Miguel Guide (http://www.sanmiguelguide.com/)

Jalisco State

All About Guadalajara (http://www.allaboutguadalajara.com/)
Insider's Guide to Vallarta (http://www.vallarta-info.com/)
Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board (http://www.visitpuertovallarta.com/)
Puerto Vallarta Vacations (http://www.puertovallarta.net/)
Tequila Express (http://www.tequilaexpress.com.mx/)
Town of Tequila (http://www.tequilajalisco.gob.mx/)

Mexico City

Mexico City Benito Juarez International Airport (http://www.mexicocity-airport.com/)
Mexico City Travel Guide (http://www.go2mexicocity.com/)
Mexico City Virtual Guide (http://www.mexicocity.com.mx/)

Oaxaca State

Monte Albán (http://www.monte-alban.com/)
Oaxaca Info (http://www.oaxacainfo.com/)
Oaxaca Mio (http://www.oaxacamio.com/)
Oaxaca's Tourist Guide (http://oaxaca-travel.com/)
Oaxaca Travel Information (http://www.oaxacamexico.com.mx/)
Puerto Escondido Information (http://www.puertoescondidoinfo.com/)

Quintana Roo State - Cancun

Cancun.com (http://www.cancun.com/)
Cancun Airport (http://www.cancun-airport.com/)
Cancun Today (http://www.cancuntoday.net/)
Cancun Travel Guide (http://www.cancun.bz/)
Chichen Itza (http://www.chichenitza.com/)
Isla Mujeres Net (http://www.isla-mujeres.net/)
Playa Del Carmen.org (https://www.playadelcarmen.org/)
Riviera Maya (http://www.rivieramaya.com/)
Travel Yucatan.com (http://www.travelyucatan.com/)
Tulum hotels & travel guide (http://www.todotulum.com/)
Ultramar Ferry (https://www.ultramarferry.com/en)
Visit Cancun (http://www.visitcancun.com/)
Yucatan Today (http://yucatantoday.com/)

Veracruz-Llave State

Veracruz Tourism (http://www.veratur.gob.mx/)

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United States of America

Effective Jan. 12, 2009, all nationals or citizens of Visa Waiver Program (VWP) countries who plan to travel to the United States for temporary business or pleasure will require an approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) prior to boarding a carrier to travel by air or sea to the United States under the VWP.
If you are planning to visit to Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Syria or visited there since March 1, 2011, please also read Department of Homeland Security Press Office - United States Begins Implementation of Changes to the Visa Waiver Program.

Amtrak (http://www.amtrak.com/)
Discover America (http://www.discoveramerica.com/)
GotoBus (http://www.gotobus.com/)
Greyhound (http://www.greyhound.com/)
National Park Service (http://www.nps.gov/)
Onroute Travel & Recreation (USA and Canada) (http://www.onroute.com/)
SuperShuttle.com (http://www.supershuttle.com/)
USA Citylink (http://www.usacitylink.com/)

State of Arizona

Arizona Tourism & Travel (http://www.arizonaguide.com/)
Canyon Country Online Visitor Guide (http://www.canyon-country.com/)
Grand Canyon Adventure Tours - Rafting, Hiking, Camping (http://www.hydrosadventures.com/)
Grand Canyon National Park (http://www.nps.gov/grca/index.htm)

State of California

California Travel and Tourism Commission (http://www.visitcalifornia.com/)
California Beaches (http://www.beachcalifornia.com/)
Los Angeles
Big Blue Bus (http://www.bigbluebus.com/)
City of Beverly Hills (http://www.beverlyhills.org/)
LADOT Transit Online (http://www.ladottransit.com/)
Los Angeles Convention & Visitors Bureau (http://discoverlosangeles.com/)
Los Angeles County Metroporitan Transportation Authority (http://www.metro.net/)
Los Angeles World Airports (http://www.lawa.org/)
Metrolink - Southern California's Commuter Train Service (http://www.metrolinktrains.com/)
Santa Monica Convention and Visitors Bureau (http://www.santamonica.com/)
West Hollywood Convention and Visitors Bureau (http://www.visitwesthollywood.com/)
San Diego
San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau (http://www.sandiego.org/)
San Diego International Airport (http://www.san.org/)
San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) (http://www.sdcommute.com/)
San Francisco
BART - Bay Area Rapid Transit (http://www.bart.gov/)
Golden Gate Ferry (http://www.goldengateferry.org/)
San Francisco Cable Cars (http://www.sfcablecar.com/)
San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau (http://www.onlyinsanfrancisco.com/)
San Francisco International Airport (http://www.flysfo.com/)
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) (http://www.sfmta.com/)
Vallejo Baylink Ferry (http://www.baylinkferry.com/)

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Berkshires Official Tourism and Travel (http://berkshires.org/)
Boston Harbor Cruises (http://www.bostonharborcruises.com/)
Boston Logan International Airport (http://www.massport.com/)
Boston Symphony Orchestra (http://www.bso.org/)
Boston Visitor's Guide (http://www.boston.com/)
Cape Cod Tourism (http://www.capecodchamber.org/)
Cape Cod Whale Watching, Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown (http://www.whalewatch.com/)
Martha's Vineyard Chamber of Commerce (http://www.mvy.com/)
Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (http://www.mbta.com/)
Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism (http://www.massvacation.com/)
Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce (http://www.nantucketchamber.org/)
Plymouth County Visitor's Guide (http://www.seeplymouth.com/)

State of Florida

Florida Keys Tourism Council (http://www.fla-keys.com/)
Miami and The Beaches (http://www.miamiandbeaches.com/)
Miami Beach's FREE Trolley (http://www.miamibeachfl.gov/city-hall/transportation/trolley/)
Miami-Dade County Transit Store (Easy Card) (https://transitstore.miamidade.gov/)
Miami International Airport (http://www.miami-airport.com/)
Miami to Key West Bus.com (http://www.miamitokeywestbus.com/)
Miami Tour Company (https://miamitourcompany.com/)
Miami Transportation and Public Works (http://www.miamidade.gov/transit/home.asp)
Orlando International Airport (https://orlandoairports.net/)
Visit Florida (http://www.visitflorida.com/)
Visit Orlando (http://www.visitorlando.com/)

State of Nevada

Lake Tahoe Visitor Bureau (http://www.visitinglaketahoe.com/)
Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (http://visitlasvegas.com/)
Las Vegas - McCarran International Airport (http://www.mccarran.com/)
Nevada Commission on Tourism (http://travelnevada.com/)
Regional Transportation Commission of Southern NV (http://www.rtcsouthernnevada.com/)
Ski Lake Tahoe (http://skilaketahoe.com/)
VEGAS.com (http://www.vegas.com/)

State of New Jersey

Atlantic City Hotels & Casinos (http://atlanticcity.com/)
Atlantic City Tourism (http://www.atlanticcitynj.com/)
Philadelphia International Airport (http://www.phl.org/)
New Jersey Tourism (http://www.state.nj.us/travel/)
New Jersey Transit (http://www.njtransit.com/)

State of New York

Airlink - Share ride airport shuttle service (http://www.airlinknyc.com/)
Buffalo Niagara International Airport (http://www.buffaloairport.com/)
I Love New York Theater (http://www.ilovenytheater.com/)
Metropolitan Transportation Authority (http://www.mta.nyc.ny.us/)
New York City Convention and Visitors Bureau (http://www.nycvisit.com/)
New York City Guide (http://newyork.citysearch.com/)
New York City Hotels (http://www.hotelsnyc.com/)
Official New York City PASS (http://www.citypass.com/new-york)
The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (http://www.panynj.gov/)

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