Is this tour best bang for the buck?

11/30(Tue) sightseeing in Luang Prabang
tour of Kouang Si Waterfalls (by All Lao Service)
Lodging Phousi / US$47 per night
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Major expense(s) admission fee Vat Mai: 5,000K
Vat Thatluang: US$1 (10,000K)
Kouang Si Waterfall: 15,000K
mini bus tour visit of Kouang Si Waterfall: US$5 (50,000K)
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My Advice
  • Moung Market is written on the tourist map of 2004 edition, but as of end of November, there was nothing in this area because it was destroyed.
  • Sisavangvong Road is main street of the city, so there are some hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, Internet cafes, exchange bureau, souvenir shops and so on.
    This street is changed to street market at night, you can purchase your favorite souvenirs at a bargain.
  • According to official tourist information, you can go to Kouang Si Waterfall from the center of the city by tuktuk; however, I suggest you rent your own transport or join mini bus tour because of dirt road in suburban area.
  • Even if you join mini bus tour, you will have enough time to swim at the basin of a waterfall or trekking.
    But nobody swam in this time.
    Trekking on the mountain trail, you take care not to slip up because of steep slope. Getting to upper side of the waterfall takes about 1 hour for round trip. There is "Danger, No entry" sign thereabout, hence you go there at your own risk.

Vat Mai
Vat Mai, constructed in 1821 A.D., was once the residence of Phra Sangkharaj (the Patriarch of the Buddhist clergy). The five-tiered roof of the wooden Sim is the traditional Luang Prabang style.
Vat Mai Vat Mai Vat Mai
Vat Thatluang
The ashes of King Sisavang Vong are interred inside the large central stupa, which was erected in 1910. As he had been very popular among the citizens, many Laotian bring offerings.
Vat Thatluang Vat Thatluang

Kouang Si Waterfall
The waterfall is about 28 kilometers south of Luang Prabang.. In the surrounding area live a number of hill tribes. The scenery on the way to Tad Kouang Si is beautiful featuring fresh air, flowers and wild animals.
Kouang Si Waterfall Kouang Si Waterfall Kouang Si Waterfall Kouang Si Waterfall

Must-see attractions?

12/1(Wed) seeing the procession of begging for alms at Chao Fa Ngum Road (6:00-6:30 a.m.)
Luang Prabang 13:50-Bangkok Airways(PG)635-15:40 Bangkok(Don Muang)
seeing the show of Calypso Cabaret
Lodging Asia Hotel Bangkok / 1,090B per night
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Major expense(s) admission fee National Museum: US$2=20,000K
The show of Calypso Cabaret: 1,000B
transportation cost Coupon Taxi / hotel-Luang Prabang airport: US$7
Airport Tax for International: US$10
Bangkok Airport Bus / Route A-2: 100B
BTS / Victory Monument-Ratchathewi: 15B
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My Advice
  • The procession of begging for alms is must-see religious attraction in Luang Prabang. I saw it at Chao Fa Ngum Road, which is across Setthathilath Road from Sisavangvong Road.
    As the procession is coming, sightseers are gathering. And some women also come to sell them khao neow (sticky rice) for a donation. They are the faithful of Buddhism, but they have an ulterior motive for getting extra income, I guess.
    Its price is US$1 (10,000K) for a set, do you think it to be a donation?
  • There is no restaurant, cafe and Internet booth at Luang Prabang Airport. If you go there 2 hours before departure, you will have nothing to do. At least you should bring some drinks, snacks and newspaper after eating.
  • Unless you stay budget hotels in Bangkok, I suggest booking your hotel near BTS station. I feel traffic jams to be heavier than before because tuktuk was once popular transport in Bangkok, but it went out of existence. Hence I think better that your hotel is easily accessible from BTS station than by taxi.
  • The daily show at Calypso Cabaret at Asia Hotel starts at 8:15 p.m. and 9:45 p.m.. Bookings are available at any travel agencies or tour desks at your hotel. Its price is depends on your seat and includes one drink coupon. Therefore my seat was in the second row.

The procession of begging for alms at the crack of dawn
These mute processions in the gloomy light of early morning are the monks emerging from their temples begging for alms. They take the same route each day and outside their homes the faithful kneel, shoes removed and feet pointing away from the monks, on straw mats, baskets of khao neow (sticky rice) at the ready. There are a few men, but it is mostly women who await the arrival of the monks. As the line of somber monks file past, shoulders and feet bare and exposed to the cold morning air, they open the lid of their bowl and a handful of sticky rice is placed inside.
begging for alms begging for alms begging for alms begging for alms

National Museum (the former king palace)
Until the communist takeover in 1975 this building directly opposite the town rock was the king's palace. This museum contains spectacular objects of art. However, the museum's most important piece of art can only be admired as a copy: a small Buddha statue by the name Pra Bang. The name of the town derives from the name of that statue: Luang stands short for Nakhon Luang = capital, Pra = holy. Luang Prabang may well be translated as Capital of Holy Bang.
National Museum National Museum

Luang Prabang Airport in-flight meal of the PG635
Luang Prabang Airport in-flight meal of Bangkok Airways (PG) 635

Calypso Cabaret
Daily Show Time 8:15 PM and 9:45 PM
Calypso Cabaret
It is drama and revue music hall and Cabaret vaudeville and comics. The universal entertainment live on stage! chic and elegance upbeat tempos choreographies debonair costumes sets and lighting a class by itself! and crowning this stage with fame actor and actresses of unseen quality! distinct, brimming with vitality. The shows' stars are mostly katoey (guys dressed as girls). Most of them are extremely beautiful and convincing. Professionals in every aspect of their performance and last not least, stunningly beautiful.
Calypso Cabaret

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