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Links about Southeast Asian Countries

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Instant seat confirmation for buses, ferries, flights and railways in South East Asia (https://12go.asia/en)

Search and book your flights, trains, buses and ferries in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and Philippines (https://www.baolau.com/)


Web Directory: Cambodia search engine and directory (http://www.khmerseek.com/)

Aki Ra Mine Action Centre (http://www.akiramineaction.com/)
The Land Mine Museum (http://www.cambodialandminemuseum.org/)
Angkor.com (http://www.angkor.com/)
Bong Thom dot Com - Information about Cambodia (including English, French - Khmer Dictionary) (http://www.bongthom.com/)
Cambodia Adventures.com (http://www.cambodiaadventures.com/)
Cambodia Airports (http://www.cambodia-airports.com/)
Cambodia - Angkor Wat Travel Professional (http://www.cambodia-travel.com/)
Cambodia Hotels, Travel and Tours (http://www.cambodia-travel-hotels-tours.com/)
Cambodia Travel (http://angkor-cambodia.org/eng/index.html)
Cambodia Visitors Guide (http://www.canbypublications.com/)
Go Cambodia.com (http://www.gocambodia.com/)
Official e-Visa by Kingdom of Cambodia (http://evisa.mfaic.gov.kh/)
Phnom Penh Guide (http://www.phnom-penh.biz/)
Phnom Penh Hotel Directory (http://www.phnompenh-hotels.org/)
Siem Reap Hotels (official site) (http://www.angkorhotels.org/)
Sihanoukville - Cambodia (http://www.sihanoukville-cambodia.com/)
Tales of Asia - Cambodia (http://talesofasia.com/cambodia.htm)
Tourism of Cambodia (http://www.tourismcambodia.com/)
Travelfish - Thailand, Laos and Cambodia travel guide (http://www.travelfish.org/)

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Jakarta Post on June 13, 2015 - Jokowi signs off on visa fee exemptions

President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo has finally signed a new Presidential Regulation that would make a policy to waive visa fees for 30 countries official, despite an immigration law stipulating that visa exemptions could only be made on a reciprocal basis.

Web Directory: Indonesian Yellow Pages (http://www.yellowpages.co.id/)

Airport and Air Trafiic Service (http://www.angkasapura2.co.id/)
Discover Indonesia (http://discover-indo.tierranet.com/)
Indonesia and Bali Tourism (http://www.indonesia-tourism.com/)
Tourism Indonesia (http://www.tourismindonesia.com/)

Bali Island

Bali for You (http://www.baliforyou.com/)
Bali Guide (http://www.baliguide.com/)
Bali International Airport (http://www.ngurahrai-airport.co.id/)
Bali Paradise Online (http://www.bali-paradise.com/)
Bali Restaurant Guide (http://www.balieats.com/)
Bali Spa Guide (http://www.balispaguide.com/)
Bali Tourism Board (http://www.bali-tourism-board.com/)
Bali Tourism Web Site (http://www.bali-thepages.com/)
Bali Vision (http://www.balivision.com/)
Beaches in Bali (http://www.bali-beaches.com/)
Budget Bali (http://www.budgetbali.com/)


Jakarta Online (http://www.indo.com/Indonesia/Jakarta/)
Jakarta Tourism Board (http://jakarta-tourism.go.id/)

Lesser Sunda Islands - Flores and Komodo

Flores - Komodo.com (http://www.flores-komodo.com/)
Flores Tourism (http://www.florestourism.com/)
Komodo National Park (http://www.komodonationalpark.org/)
Labuan Bajo Travel Information (http://www.labuan-bajo.com/)

Lombok Island

Gili Fast Boats Service (http://gilifastboats.com/)
Gili Paradise (http://www.gili-paradise.com/)
Lombok and Beyond (http://www.lombokandbeyond.com/)
Lombok Guide (http://www.lombokguide.com/)
Lombok Island Information Center (http://www.lombok-directory.com/)
Lombok Island Interactive (http://www.lombok-network.com/)
The Lombok Guide (http://www.thelombokguide.com/)
See map of Mataram and Senggigi (PDF)

Riau Islands

Batam Fast (http://www.batamfast.com/)
Batam Holidays (http://www.batamholidays.com/)
Batam Island Information (http://www.batam-island-info.com/)
Bintan Resorts (http://www.bintan-resorts.com/)
Bintan Resort Ferries (http://www.brf.com.sg/)
Penguin International (http://www.penguin.com.sg/)


Tourism Yogyakarta (http://www.jogja-visit.info/)
Visit Jogja (http://www.tourjogja.com/)
Visit Yogyakarta (http://www.yogyes.com/)
Joglosemar Online (Yogyakarta-Solo-Semarang, Indonesia) (http://www.joglosemar.co.id/)

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Web Directory: Laopdr.com (http://www.laopdr.com/)

Bus Timetable from Pakse South Bus Terminal (as of December, 2005)
See map of Champasak Province, Pakse Environs and Pakse Town as a JPEG, also PDF

Ecotourism in Laos (http://www.ecotourismlaos.com/)
Green Discovery Laos (http://www.greendiscoverylaos.com/)
Lao Embassy in Bangkok (http://www.bkklaoembassy.com/)
Lao Embassy to USA (http://www.laoembassy.com/)
Lao Hotel and Restaurant Association (http://www.laohotelgroup.org/)
Laos Hotels (http://www.laos-hotels.com/)
Laos Hotels and Resorts Online Reservation Service (http://laoshotels.net/)
Laos Hotel and Travel Directory (http://www.laohotelgroup.org/)
Laos travel and tourism information (http://www.visit-mekong.com/laos/)
Lao Youth Travel (http://www.laoyouthtravel.com/)
Mekong Mart (http://www.mekongmart.com/)
Muonglao.Com (http://www.muonglao.com/)
Travelfish - Thailand, Laos and Cambodia travel guide (http://www.travelfish.org/)
Vientiane Airport (http://www.vientianeairport.com/)
Visit Laos (http://www.visit-laos.com/)
Wat Phu official web portal (http://www.watphu.com/)
Map of Champasak Town and Wat Phu Complex Layout (PDF)

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Web Directory: Malaysian Search Engine (http://www.cari.com.my/)

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia (http://www.cuti.com.my/)
Journey Malaysia.com (http://www.journeymalaysia.com/)
Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad (Malaysian Railways) (http://www.ktmb.com.my/)
Travel tips for crossing Singapore-Malaysia border by train
Malaysian Meteorological Service (http://www.kjc.gov.my/english/weather/weather.html)
Malaysia Tourist Information (http://www.visitmalaysia.com/)
Paradise Islands of Malaysia (http://www.myoutdoor.com/)
Sedunia Travel Services (PulauPulau.com) (http://www.pulaupulau.com/)
Singapore Malaysia Bus Express Services (http://www.singaporemalaysiabus.com/)
Tourism Malaysia (http://www.tourism.gov.my/)
Transnasional Bus (http://www.transnasional.com.my/)


Borneo Online (http://www.borneo-online.com.my/)
Borneo Travel (http://www.borneo-travel.com/)
gogo Sabah - travel with smiles (http://gogosabah.com/en/)
Kota Kinabalu International Airport (http://www.kotakinabaluairport.com/)
Kota Kinabalu Airport Bus Timetable and Bus Station Map in the City (as of August 2014)
Labuan Tourism (http://www.labuantourism.com.my/)
Miri Online Business Directory (http://www.imiri.com/main.htm)
MySabah.com - Photos, videos and blog of Sabah, Malaysia Borneo (http://www.mysabah.com/)
North Borneo Railway (http://www.northborneorailway.com.my/v2/index.html)
Sabah Parks (http://www.sabahparks.org.my/)
Sabah State Railway Department (http://www.sabah.gov.my/railway/)
Sabah Tourism Board (http://www.sabahtourism.com/)
Sabah Travel Guide (http://www.sabahtravelguide.com/)
Sepilok Nature Resort (http://sepilok.com/)
Visit Borneo (http://www.visitborneo.com/)

Johor State

Johor Bahru Sultan Ismail Airport (http://www.senaiairport.com/)
Johor National Park Corporation (JNPC) (http://johorparks.com.my/)
Johor Tourism Portal (http://www.tourismjohor.com/)
Journey Malaysia.com - Mersing (http://www.journeymalaysia.com/MC_mersing.htm)
The Official Johor Tourism Website (http://www.johortourism.com/)

Kuala Lumpur and Genting Highlands

Ekspress Rail Link (http://www.kliaekspres.com/)
INTRAKOTA (Kuala Lumpur Buses) (http://www.geocities.com/intrakota2020/)
Kuala Lumpur hotels and accomodation for KL Malaysia (http://www.kuala-lumpur.ws/)
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) (http://www.klia.com.my/)
Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station (http://www.stesensentral.com/)
Kuala Lumpur Tourism (http://www.kualalumpureguide.com/)
Malaysia Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) (http://lcct-klia.com/)
Plusliner (http://www.plusliner.com/)
Rapid KL Online (former Putra and Star LRT) (http://www.rapidkl.com.my/)
Sky Bus (shuttle service between KL Sentral and LCCT) (http://www.skybus.com.my/)
Welcome to Genting Highlands (http://www.rwgenting.com/)


Malacca Hotel Guide (http://www.malacca.ws/)
Melaka State Government (http://www.melaka.gov.my/)

Penang Island

Holidays at Penang (http://www.penang-vacations.com/)
Penang Hotels Guide and Travel Information (http://www.penang.ws/)
Penang - Local Travel Information and City Guide (http://www.penang.com/)
Tourism Penang (http://www.tourismpenang.gov.my/)
Visit Penang (http://www.visitpenang.gov.my/)

Taman Negara National Park

Taman Negara National Park (http://www.taman-negara.com/)
Travel to Taman Negara (http://www.tamannegara.asia/)
Welcome to Taman Negara (http://www.tamannegara.org/)


Destination Guides To Terengganu (http://www.etourz.com/)
Gemia Island (http://www.gemia.com.my/)
Kapas Island (http://www.kapas.com.my/)
Perhentian Island (http://www.perhentian.com.my/)
Redang Island (http://www.redangisland.com.my/)

Tioman Island

Tioman Island Complete Guide (http://www.tioman.com.my/)
Tioman Island Guide (http://www.tiomanguide.com/)

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Myanmar/Burma [exchange money in Myanmar (as of 2006)]

Web Directory: Myanmar free tourist maps and business directory (http://www.dpsmap.com/)

Explore Myanmar (http://www.exploremyanmar.com/)
Journeys Myanmar (http://www.journeysmyanmar.com/)
Myanmar (Burma) Hotels & Resorts (http://www.myanmarhotels.net/)
Myanmar Hotels and Travels Info, Yangonow (http://www.yangonow.com/)
Myanmar travel and tourism information (http://www.visit-mekong.com/myanmar/)
Myanmar Travel Information (http://www.myanmartravelinformation.com/)
Myanmar Travel Info On Line (http://www.myanmarplg.com/)
Myanmar Tourism Promotion Board (http://www.myanmar-tourism.com/)
Myanmar Visa Experts Service (http://www.myanmarvisa.com/)
Myanmars Net (http://www.myanmars.net/)
The Golden Land Myanmar (http://www.myanmar.com/)
Travel (Burma) Myanmar (http://www.travelmyanmar.com/)
Travel to Myanmar (http://www.traveltomyanmar.com/)

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Web Directory: Filipino Links (http://www.filipinolinks.com/)

Web Directory: Pinoy Sites.Org (http://www.pinoysites.org/)

Camperspoint Philippines (http://www.camperspoint.com/)
Islands Philiooines (http://www.islandsphilippines.net/)
Philippines Budget Travel (http://www.philippinesbudgettravel.com/)
Philippine Tourism Promotions Board (http://www.dotpcvc.gov.ph/)
Super Ferry (http://www.superferry.com.ph/)
Tourism Philippines (http://tourism-philippines.com/)


Light Rail Transit Authority (http://www.lrta.gov.ph/)
Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport (http://www.manila-airport.net/)
Manila Travel Guide (http://www.1stopmanila.com/)

Visayan Islands

Boracay Board (http://www.boracayboard.com/)
Boracay Budget Travel Tips (http://www.boracay-budgettravel-tips.com/)
Boracay Flight (http://www.flightsboracay.com/)
Boracay Island (http://www.boracayonline.com/)
Boracay Island Beach Guide (http://www.beachresortboracay.com/)
Cebu City Tourism Commission (http://www.cebucitytourism.com/)
Cebu Flights - Cebu Philippines Domestic Flight Details (http://www.flightscebu.com/)
Cebu Portal - Wa'y Blima! Cebu (http://www.wayblima.com/)
Experience Boracay (http://www.experienceboracay.com/)
Mactan Cebu International Airport (http://www.mactan-cebuairport.com.ph/)
Next Boracay (http://www.nextboracay.com/)

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[Links about Bintan and Batam Island, please visit Riau Islands in Indonesia.]

Web Directory: Singapore Infomap (http://www.sg/)

Changi Airport (http://www.changiairport.com/)
Clarke Quay (http://www.clarkequay.com.sg/)
Express Bus Guide (http://www.myexpressbus.com/)
EZ Link Card (http://www.ezlink.com.sg/)
Hotels Online Singapore (http://hotels.online.com.sg/)
Mount Faber (Cable Car Services) (http://www.mountfaber.com.sg/)
MRT (Mass Rapid Trasit) (http://www.smrt.com.sg/)
Porter Xpress Asia - luggage delivery between airport, hotel and cruise terminal (http://www.porterxpress.com/)
Sentosa Island (http://www.sentosa.com.sg/)
Singapore Best Food Guide (http://www.eatshiokshiok.com/)
Singapore Bus Service (http://www.sbstransit.com.sg/)
Singapore First Internet Best Food Guide (http://www.sbestfood.com/)
Singapore Hotels (http://www.nighthappening.com/)
Singapore Hotels Wholesale (http://www.singapore-hotels-wholesale.com/)
Singapore Malaysia Bus Express Services (http://www.singaporemalaysiabus.com/)
Singapore Maps - Streetdirectory.com (http://www.streetdirectory.com.sg/)
Singapore Tourism Board (STB) (http://www.yoursingapore.com/)
Visitors Card (http://www.thevisitorscard.com/)

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Web Directory: Thailand Tourism Directory (http://www.thailandtourismdirectory.com/)

Web Directory: Thailand Tourism & Travel Directory (http://www.thailand-travelsearch.com/)

Web Directory: Thai Web Directory (http://www.thaiwebdirectory.com/)

Olavi Travel (http://www.olavi.com/)

Travel Agent - Khaosan Road, Bangkok, Thailand. Agent for all Thai travel, Flights - international and domestic Airline flight tickets, train, bus and boat. Also available visa application online service. For all travel in Thailand and beyond.

Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (http://www.airportthai.co.th/)
Amazing Thailand (http://www.amazing-thailand.com/)
Bangkok Tickets (http://www.bangkoktickets.com/)
Domestic Flights Thailand (http://www.domesticflightsthailand.com/)
Meteorological Department in Thailand (http://www.thaimet.tmd.go.th/)
Modern Thailand (http://www.modernthailand.com/)
Muaythai (http://www.muaythai.com/)
Prepare your travel in Thailand (http://www.thailandee.com/eng/index.php)
State Railway of Thailand (http://www.railway.co.th/) (Bangkok Post on 30 Jan 2017 - Online train ticketing service starts Feb 1)
Timetables of Mahachai Line and Maeklong Line (as of January 2010) (Excel)
Thai Farang.com (http://www.thai-farang.com/)
including "List of Atta-Affiliated Travel Agencies"
Thai Focus (http://thaifocus.com/)
Thai phrasebook (http://www.wikitravel.org/en/article/Thai_phrasebook)
Thailand Beach Guide (http://www.beachthailand.com/)
Thailand budget hotels (http://www.thaihotel.com/)
Thailandday.com (http://www.thailandday.com/)
Thailand Guide (http://www.thailand-guide.org/)
Thailand hotels (http://www.thailand-hotel.net/)
Thailand Hotels and Resorts (http://www.r24.org/huahin.20m.com/)
Thailand inter city bus lines (http://www.transport.co.th/)
Thailand online (http://thailine.com/)
Thailand Tourist Information by Thaiways (http://www.thaiwaysmagazine.com/)
Thailand Travel Guide (http://thai.sawadee.com/)
Thailand Tours and Travel Guide (http://www.thailandtriptour.com/)
Thailand Visit (http://www.thailand-visit.com/)
Tiger Line Travel (Andaman Ferries) (http://www.tigerlinetravel.com/)
Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) (http://tourismthailand.org/)
Travelfish - Thailand, Laos and Cambodia travel guide (http://www.travelfish.org/)

Bangkok and its surroundings

Airline, Train, Bus Timetables - Transportation from and to Bangkok (http://www.sawadee.com/transfer/)
Asia Travel-Ayutthya Information (http://asiatravel.com/ayuthaya.html)
Bangkok Airport Train (http://bangkokairporttrain.com/)
Bangkok BRT (http://www.bangkokbrt.com/)
Bangkok city guide (http://www.into-asia.com/)
Bangkok hotels & city guide (http://www.bangkok-city.com/)
Bangkok hotel and Thailand travel guide (http://www.bangkok.com/)
Bangkok International Airport Terminal (http://www.bangkok-bkk.com/)
Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) (http://www.bmta.co.th/)
Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) (http://www.bts.co.th/)
Bangkok Metro (BMCL) (http://www.bangkokmetro.co.th/)
Bangkok Nightlife (http://bangkok2night.com/)
Chao Phraya Express Boat (http://www.chaophrayaexpressboat.com/)
Chatuchak Weekend Market (http://www.jjmarketplace.com/)
Hua Hin Tourist Information (http://www.tourismhuahin.com/)
Hua Hin Travel Guide (http://www.thailand-huahin.com/)
Kanchanaburi Information (http://www.kanchanaburi-info.com/)
Khao San Road (http://www.khaosanroad.com/)
Maeklong railway news (http://www.2bangkok.com/2bangkok/MassTransit/maeklong.shtml)
Timetables of Mahachai Line and Maeklong Line (as of January 2010) (Excel)
One Night in Bangkok (http://www.one-night-in-bangkok.com/)
Place of the King (http://www.palaces.thai.net/)
Soi Guide of Thailand (http://www.soidb.com/en/index.html)
Suvarnabhumi Airport (http://www.suvarnabhumiairport.com/)
Suvarnabhumi Airport Guide (http://www.bangkokairportonline.com/)
Louis' Tavern Dayroom & CIP Lounges (http://www.dayrooms-ciplounges.com/)
Fast Track Service (http://www.thaifasttrack.com/)

Isan/North-East Thailand

Travel tips for crossing Ubon Ratchathani-Pakse (Laos) border by land
Korat Magazine of Thailand (http://www.koratmagazine.in.th/)
Mekong Mart (http://www.mekongmart.com/)
North-East Thailand - Isan (http://isan.sawadee.com/)
Welcome to Udon Thani (http://www.udonthani.com/english/)

Krabi and Phi Phi Island

krabi.com (http://www.krabi.com/)
Krabi & Phi Phi travel guide (http://www.1stopkrabi.com/)
Krabi Web Portal & Travel Guide (http://www.krabitown.com/)
Phi Phi Ferry Service (http://www.phiphi-ferry.com/)
Phi Phi Island Hotels and Travel Guide (http://www.phiphi.phuket.com/)
Phi Phi Island Official Guide (http://www.phi-phi.com/)
Travel Guide to Krabi and Phi-Phi (http://krabi.sawadee.com/)

Northern Thailand

All About Chiang Mai Thailand (http://www.chiangmai-thai.com/)
Chiang Mai-Online (http://www.chiangmai-online.com/)
Chiang Mai, Thailand (http://www.chiangmai1.com/)
Chiangmai Tour & Travel Information (http://www.chiangmai-guideline.com/)
Mae Hong Son Travel (http://www.maehongsontravel.com/)


Go Phuket (http://www.gophuket.com/)
Patong Beach Hotels and Travel Info (http://www.patong-beach.com/)
Phuket Guide (http://www.phuket-guide.net/)
Phuket Hotels (http://www.phuket-hotel.org/)
Phuket Hotels and Travel Guide (http://www.phuket.com/)
Phuket Maps (http://www.phuket-maps.com/)
Phuket online guide book (http://www.1stopphuket.com/)
Phuket Restaurants & Dining Guide (http://www.phuket-restaurants.com/)
Phuket Thailand (http://www.phuket.com/)

Samui Island

Amazing Samui (http://www.amazingsamui.com/)
Go Koh Samui (http://www.gokohsamui.com/)
Koh Samui Hotels & Travel Guide (http://www.mysamuiholiday.com/)
Koh Samui Information (http://www.kohsamui.com/)
Koh Samui Travel Guide (http://www.kohsamui.net/)
Samui Airport Guide (http://www.samuiairportonline.com/)

Southeastern Thailand

Ban Phe Information (http://www.ban-phe.com/)
Guide For Independent Travelers to Koh Chang (http://iamkohchang.com/)
Koh Chang Information (http://www.koh-chang.com/)
Koh Chang Tours and Internet Cafe from Coco Dee Bo (http://cocodeebokohchang.com/)
Koh Larn Travel Guide (http://kohlarn.com/)
Koh Samet Information (http://www.koh-samet.org/)
Koh Samet Travel Guide (http://www.kosamet.net/)
Pattaya City Guide (http://www.pattayacity.com/)
Pattaya Travel and Nightlife Guide (http://www.1stoppattaya.com/)
Pattaya Travel Guide (http://www.pattaya.net/)
Rayong Koh Samet Resort and Bungalow (http://www.thailandday.com/Islandbeach/Kosamet.htm)

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Web Directory: Welcome to VietGATE (http://www.vietgate.net/)

Local Vietnamese Prices (http://www.vnrealty.com/gold/prices.html)

Anan Vietnam - Vietnam Gourmet Navigation (http://anan-vietnam.com/)
All Vietnam Hotel Reservation and Travel Guide (http://www.all-vietnam-hotels.com/)
Cool Vietnam (http://www.acjc.edu.sg/Spectra/VibrantCulture/Vietnam/vietnam.html)
Nhan Dan - Travel (http://www.nhandan.com.vn/english/travel/)
Sinh Tourist (http://www.thesinhtourist.vn/)
Travel to Vietnam (http://www.traveltovietnam.com/)
Viet-Nam.net (http://www.viet-nam.net/)
Vietnam Adventures (http://www.vietnamadventures.com/)
Vietnam Hotels (http://www.hotels-in-vietnam.com/)
Vietnam Online (http://www.vietnamonline.com/)
Vietnam Railways (https://dsvn.vn/)
Vietnam Stay (http://www.vietnamstay.com/)
Vietnam Travel Guide (http://www.vietnameasytravel.com/)
Vietnam Tourism (http://www.vietnamtourism.gov.vn/)

Nha Trang

Khanh Hoa Tourism (http://www.nhatrang-travel.com/)
Nha Trang Tourist Guide (http://www.vnrealty.com/nt/)
Nha Trang Vietnam Tourist Guide (http://nhatrang.online.fr/)

Hanoi and Northern Vietnam

Cat Ba Express (http://catbaexpress.com/)
Cat Ba Ventures (http://www.catbaventures.com/)
Halong Bay Violet Cruise (http://violetcruise.com/)
Hanoi Portal (http://www.hanoi.gov.vn/)
Quang Ninh Province (http://www.halong.com/)
Sapa Information (http://www.sapa-vietnam.com/)
Transerco Hanoi Bus (http://www.hanoibus.com.vn/)

Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An

Danang city (http://www.danang.gov.vn/)
Hoi An Tourist Guide (http://vnrealty.com/ha/)
Thua Thien Hue Province (http://www.thuathienhue.gov.vn/)

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

AngloINFO Ho Chi Minh City (http://hcmc.angloinfo.com/)
Ho Chi Minh City WEB (http://www.hochiminhcity.gov.vn/)
Ho Chi Minh City Tan Son Nhat International Airport (http://www.hochiminhcityairport.com/)

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