Even if we could hardly speak English, we did.

8/22(Thu) Tokyo(Narita) 13:30-Turkish Airlines(TK)593-21:50 Istanbul(Atatürk)
Lodging (stay up all night in the airport)
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  We went to Turkey with a lot of Islamic atmosphere, and Rhodes Island of Greece where is located in the Aegean Sea.
Though we could hardly speak English, we only booked round-trip ticket to Istanbul from Tokyo and connection domestic flight before leaving Japan.
We fell back on yellow covered guide book called "Chikyu-no Arukikata" which become like the Bible among Japanese independent travelers, and booklet for foreign conversations.
Is that reckless or not?

  We finished to fly for 14 hours and arrived in Istanbul via Moscow.
However, fortunately we didn't get involved in a coup d'état of USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) which had broken out only 3 days ago.
I'm sure that you know major roles in those days, Mr. Mikhaie Gorbachev, Mr. Boris Yeltsin, Mr. George Bush and Mr. Helmut Kohl.
If you don't know any person, you might study world history again.

  By the way, we stayed up all night in the airport.
For one thing, we would board a matinal flight on the following day and saved money.
Even so Turkish inflation exceeded our expectations, 1 Turkish Lira was 0.03 Yen.
The way of convert had been same as calculation of Japan's consumption tax, right?

Marmaris is gateway to Aegean Islands.

8/23(Fri) Istanbul(Atatürk) 7:00-Turkish Airlines(TK)202-8:20 Dalaman-(Taxi)-Marmaris
Lodging Özcan Pansiyon / 20,000TL (600Yen) per night
Major expense(s) Taxi / Dalaman-Marmaris: 200,000TL=6,000Yen (fixed price)
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  From Istanbul, the lowest way to get to Marmaris is by bus.
Needless to say, those who are planning to stay in Istanbul should take this way, I guess.
However, if you don't do that like us, I suggest you take a domestic flight.

Marmaris  Marmaris is one of gateway to Aegean Islands and scenic Turkish beach resort.
In case of getting to Dalaman from Istanbul by domestic flight, Marmaris is reached by taxi from Dalaman.
Tourists are also able to pay taxi fare by German Mark (DEM) or French Franc (FRF).
It is often said that Japanese travelers get ripped off or get cheated in Turkey.
However, taxi driver who took us to Marmaris was reliable and friendly.
And he just delighted us with putting some Turkish popular music on in the taxi.
Were we just lucky?
Or is that common events?

  Attendant of tourist information helped us to find a lodging in Marmaris.
Surely there was worthy of budget travelers due to low price.
But all guests shared shower bath and toilet, and besides, these toilets were Turkish style, not Western.
Though we knew about Turkish style toilet by guide book, called "Chikyu-no Arukikata," when we saw it with our own eyes, we got a great shock .

  Turkish style toilets may be inconvenient for tourists who are use to them for the first time.
Because it seems that the locals seldom use toilet paper after using the toilet.
Well, how does they do?
It is said that they pour a bucket of water on buttocks by right hand, and they wash buttocks out by left hand.
Japan's products (for example by TOTO) "Washlet" is automatic washer for buttocks.
In case of Turkish style, you might think that you wash the buttocks by your left hand.
Therefore left hand is unclean for Turk.

  By the way, ferry ticket to Rhodes Island was available at any travel agency in the city.
At this time, since we could hardly speak English, we worried about negotiation with staff.
However, it was needless because we got a ferry ticket by talking some simple words.
It remained the only worries whether staff bring our passport back on the following day, because we were required to leave our passport with them.

  Lastly, let's introduce some Turkish food.
After all, eating is one of the pleasure of travel.
Therefore it seems that people usually have a meal at the open-air restaurant.
Typical Turkish food seems to be kebab and köfte.
As to drinks, it is tea, called çay, which is foremost national drink.
Besides, in spite of Muslim country, there is a local drink called raki.
Of course there are a lot of nice food in Turkey, you might try to eat.
Now that many flies are buzzing, it may be an unpleasant experience depends on tourists.

On the road you need a companion, in life you need kindness. (Tabi-wa michidure, Yo-wa Nasake.)

8/24(Sat) Marmaris 9:00-(Ferry)-11:00 Rhodes
sightseeing in Rhodes City
Lodging (unrecorded) / 1,500Dr (1,050Yen) per night
Major expense(s) Marmaris Rhodes Ferry Line: 95,000TL=2,850Yen
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  To get to Rhodes Island from Marmaris took about 2 hours by ferry.
We went on board the ferry with both Japanese student and his traveling companion, Malaysian medic, whom we met in Marmaris this morning.
Since they were able to speak English fluently, they were distinct from us.
In addition, Malaysian said that he can speak Turkish and Hindi too.
We were really envy them because we were able to use body language only.
Therefore when you would like to go there, it would be better for you to be at the immigration office 1 hour before departure.
And you might make sure that passengers have to book a ferry ticket for one-day in advance.

  This ferry had sun-drenched open-air seat and covered-in seat, the former was more popular among tourists than the latter.
Such things are different from Japan's case.
In Japan, many tourists don't prefer to take an open-air seat in order to avoid even a suntan, right?
By the way, do you have a sunglasses, hat, suntan lotion and bottle of water?
Needless to say, these are necessaries for your trip in summer.

  It took a lot of time for entry formalities at the harbor of Rhodes.
For one thing, it is said that Greece is always on bad terms with Turkey.
However, it was possible for Japan's passport holders to enter to Greece smoothly, while it was impossible for Malaysian to do it smoothly.
From this fact all Japanese tourists should be thankful for traveling many countries without visa.

Rhodes  In Rhodes Island, seawater is wonderful clear even near Mandraki Harbor.
Thanks to this fact, it is a picturesque that blue sky tone in well with blue waters.
There is a beach close to the town, in which many people enjoy to catch some rays.
I'm sure that there is some topless girls in the beach, it is a feast for guys' eyes.
How about us?
It is delight of tomorrow, right?

  The city of Rhodes is greatly influenced by the Italian architecture of the late thirties.
We felt such an impression from post office and city hall in new town, not to mention from medieval old town.
Main sightseeing places are still medieval old town, I guess.
Because it impressed us dignity of history.
Anyway, this town seems to be not so large it can be easily explored on foot, it is just good for walking.
Therefore as our lodging was located along the avenue in new town, there was very noisy at night.
It was the saving grace that Madame was friendly, wasn't it?

  In Greece, it would be better for a meal to go to taverna.
It is one of the merit that most meals are available at a reasonable price.
Since Greece is not Muslim country, alcoholic drinks are available anywhere, and there is a local drink, called ouzo.
Therefore Greece is the same as Turkey where people usually have a meal at the open-air restaurant.
So you should have a dinner properly even if you are budget traveler.
I'm sure that it is a great pleasure on the trip.

Let's feast eyes on the beautiful scene in Lindos!

8/25(Sun) excursion to Lindos
Lodging (unrecorded, the same as 8/24)
Major expense(s) Bus / Rhodes-Lindos: 550Dr=390Yen (one way)
sun bed and umbrella for rent: 350Dr=250Yen
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  Buses for Lindos leaved from bus station of Rhodes, which is around tourist information close to wall of the castle.
We took the bus for Lindos with our travel companions, both Japanese and Malaysian, whom we met yesterday.
So it was crowded with those who would like to go to the beach like us.
When bus conductor saw anybody on the road, he opened the door and cried out "Lindos!" as leaned out of the door.
As soon as passengers for Lindos heard bus conductor crying, they took the bus.

Acropolis, Lindos dish in Lindos

  Talking of the highlight of Lindos, there is Acropolis and a row of white houses.
If there is blue seawater in the background in addition to that, you should try to take a picture.
But it is catching some rays in the beach that is purpose of visit to Lindos, not sightseeing, I guess.
If you come to there on a day trip, it would be better to go sightseeing in a short time.

  Talking of summer, what do you think?
Vacation, bikini girls, beer or else?
How nice it is to drink some beer as seeing ladies in the beach!
So, this beach seemed to be crowded as it is not so large.
At that time, we were lucky to get a sun bed and umbrella, right?
Therefore there are not any changing room.
The thing is, visitors usually keep on wearing bathing suits, even while they get to beach and back, I guess.

  Hi guys, thank you very much for waiting!
How is it?
There are such topless girls every nook and cranny in the beach.
It seems that these are not at all indecent.
If anything, there may be open and cheerful atmosphere.

  Finally, We had gotten up and lien down, like situp on the sun bed.
We also trod water tooth and nail in the sea.
My friend called them "Ganbare-Nippon!"
Don't ask me what mean it!
Anyway, its meaning is different from radical meaning.
What is radical meaning of it?
I guess it means "All Japan, do your best!"

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