Say good-bye to some nice girls in Rhodes!

8/26(Mon) go swimming in Rhodes
Rhodes 17:00-(Ferry)-19:00 Marmaris
Lodging (unrecorded)
Major expense(s) Marmaris Rhodes Ferry Line: 4,000Dr=2,800Yen
sun bed and umbrella for rent: 350Dr=250Yen
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  It's an ideal day for an outing today!
Needless to say, we enjoy to catch some rays in the beach until leaving Rhodes Island.
It may be probable to see a view of aim the same as Lindos on the previous day, even in Rhodes Beach.
By the way, Japanese word "Bijin" and "Bijo" mean beautiful girl, it is also the same meaning as lovely, good-looking, dish, grouse gear and pound cake.
For some reason I kind of understand.

  However, Rhodes' beaches where visitors enjoy to catch some rays without reference to age or sex is different from Japan's beaches.
That's why you might keep that you sometimes get seen unwished view in mind.
It follows whether you are lucky or not depends on your location in the beach, right?
Why don't you pray to God before outing?

Rhodes Beach The Harbor of Rhodes

  There were some playing card on which is printed hard-core bedwork scene among various kinds of souvenirs at the gift shop in the harbor of Rhodes.
We were amazed that these playing card were sold like a picture postcard.
It would be better to buy such things if you like.

  Well, we are due back to Turkey.
Of course we got a toilet paper before coming to here, because we didn't have so much experience in travel that we cannot use Turkish style toilets easily.
And you might buy a ferry ticket for one-day in advance before leaving.

  In Marmaris, when we passed at shopping mall, many touts came close to us as a matter of course.
We didn't get why though there might not be a lot of Japanese, touts called to Japanese only.
Thereto they seem to know well such name of Japan's city as Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and so on.
And they usually give hanky-pank "Yasui-yo" to Japanese tourists.
Japanese word "Yasui-yo" means "It's cheep," "It's low price," "It's bargain," and so on.
By the way, one of touts took us to some lodging tonight.
It may be impossible for us to make a trip without bargaining with touts and peddlers in Turkey.
So, touts came close to us in Marmaris as well as other places.

Hot Springs of Cotton Castle

8/27(Tue) Marmaris 9:00-(Bus)-13:30 Pamukkale
visit to Hot Springs of Cotton Castle and relaxing in thermal pools
Lodging Pamukkale Motel / 90,000TL (2,700Yen) per night
Major expense(s) Bus / Marmaris-Pamukkale: 35,000TL=1,050Yen
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  Something made a roaring sound through in the town before down on the morning.
We didn't know what has happened.
But we saw soon that Koranic verse (Salat) came floating up from mosque to our ears.
There are five required prayers, the Dawn (Fajr), Midday (Dhuhr), Afternoon ('Asr), Dusk (Maghrib) and Evening ('Isha) for all Muslim.
The Down Prayer (Fajr) woke us up past 4 a.m.
How early they get up!

  To get to Pamukkale from Marmaris took about 4 hour and a half by bus.
The bus which we got on board went direct to Pamukkale.
Without direct services, we might have changed the bus at Denizli.
Bus tickets were also available at a ticket office in bus station (otogar) on the day of departure.
However, it would be better to check the departure time one-day in advance.

  As soon as we arrived in Pamukkale, some hotel runners thronged around the bus.
They had been put pressure on us to stay own lodgings with leaflet in their hands.
We felt overwhelmed by their pressure.
Now that about fifteen-year-old boys advertised own lodgings in English, one of the way of improvement in English is touting, I guess.
If Japanese national try to tout or guide foreigners in any sightseeing places, Japanese national may get better in English, right?

Pamukkale thermal pool of Pamukkale Motel

  We stayed at Pamukkale Motel located on the plateau.
Of course this lodging was not through the good offices of touts but intended stay.
At any rate, its expense seemed to be extravagant for touts, but not for us.
In addition, it was very convenient by both of reason that Pamukkale Motel had thermal pool and restaurant, and this lodging was near the fantastic limestone terraces.
So we were able to spend generously on stay as Turkey was inexpensive country, right?

sunset in Pamukkale  As if Pamukkale is called "Cotton Castle," the fantastic limestone terraces have enlarged on the plateau.
Thermal spring waters there, and some basins are created in places.
Basins are like a spa as it were, they only just have a depth about knee-high of adults.
If you are wearing short pants or mini-skirt, you can enjoy yourself just to take off your shoes.
However, many European and American enjoy themselves in a bathing suit, it's up to you whether you put on a bathing suit or not.
In addition, you might be just careful when you enter basins, you have to take off your shoes.
Incidentally, we went sightseeing in a bathing suit the same as European and American, since we intended to enjoy at thermal pool in Pamukkale Motel.
If you would like to swim any thermal pools, it would be better to bring swimming goggles.
Because when you try to dive, it is difficult to keep opening your eyes due to sparkling water.

  In Pamukkale, another highlight is in the twinkling of sunset.
It is well worth while looking a scene which some puddle is glittering with the setting sun.
You might come to here again before taking a shower.
You will probably not regret coming.

  By the way, there is a local drink called  raki, as already stated.
Raki is often referred to as "Lion Milk," and it can also be drunk neat.
You might try to drink it on your trip.
But there is no guarantee whether raki is to your taste or not.
How was my impression?
Um... It was interesting, right?

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