Itinerary of travel to Turkey and Greece
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Exchange Rate 1US$=136.7JPY
(Turkish Lira/TRL) 1TL=0.03JPY (Turkey is using the New Turkish Lira from January 1, 2005. (new symbol YTL)
(Greek Drachma/GRD) 1Dr=0.7JPY
Date Itinerary stay in
8/22(Thu) Tokyo(Narita) 13:30-TK593-21:50 Istanbul(Atatürk) (stay up all night in the airport)
23(Fri) Istanbul(Atatürk) 7:00-TK202-8:20 Dalaman-(Taxi)-Marmaris Marmaris
24(Sat) Marmaris 9:00-(Ferry)-11:00 Rhodes
sightseeing in Rhodes City
25(Sun) excursion to Lindos
26(Mon) go swimming in Rhodes
Rhodes 17:00-(Ferry)-19:00 Marmaris
27(Tue) Marmaris 9:00-(Bus)-13:30 Pamukkale
visit to Hot Springs of Cotton Castle and relaxing in thermal pools of Pamukkale Motel
28(Wed) visit to remains of ancient city of Hierapolis
Pamukkale 19:15-(Bus)-7:45+ Nevsehir
(on the bus)
29(Thu) Cappadocia all day tour by Tulip Information Ürgüp
30(Fri) visit to Kaymakli Underground Cities by chartered taxi
Nevsehir 12:30-(Bus)-18:30 Ankara
31(Sat) sightseeing in Ankara
Ankara 22:20-(Ankara Ekspresi)-8:00+ Istanbul(Haydarpasa)
(on the train)
9/1(Sun) sightseeing in Istanbul Istanbul
2(Mon) go shopping in Grand Bazaar and visit to sights of the city
3(Tue) stay in bed all day due to traveler's diarrhea
play casino games at Hilton Hotel
4(Wed) Istanbul(Atatürk) 14:55-TK592-10:55+ Tokyo(Narita) (on the plane)

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