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FIFA World Cup 2002 Korea/Japan came to an end.
The final was the match of Brazil vs. Germany, and the third-place match was between Korea and Turkey.
The highlight of the former was Brazil's three R's" in attack - Ronaldo, Rivaldo, and Ronaldinho - vs German's goalkeeper Kahn.
For the meanwhile, the latter was shooting at a goal each other.

How will be the World Cup 2006 Germany's story developed?

World Cup Watching Report

My tickets were TSTs (Team Specific Ticket Series) for Saudi Arabia's Preliminaries Matches. The TSTs enable people to watch all of the matches involving a specific team of their choice.
Germany flag Germany vs. Saudi Arabia (June 1th - Sapporo) Saudi Arabia flag
Cameroon flag Cameroon vs. Saudi Arabia (June 6th - Saitama)
Ireland flag Ireland vs. Saudi Arabia (June 11th - Yokohama)

The parties with cheering the matches on TV = projected by Toshiya, a member of the Soreyuke Independent Tourists Club =

Traveling in Hokkaido

Tour Name *Ace JTB "Shuttyo Ouen-ka" (Package for Bissiness Travelers) and additional hotel (arranged by JTB)
Date Itinerary Lodging
5/31(Fri) Haneda 20:05-JL527-21:35 Chitose *Arimax Hotel 330 Sapporo (included)
2(Sun) Jozankei View Hotel \11,000
(per person)
3(Mon) Chitose 15:50-JL514-17:20 Haneda -
Note *=only Japanese information available
A guide to reasonably-priced restaurants in Sapporo City 2002

etiquette for enjoying Japanese style bathes

Japanese style inn (ryokan) and minshuku (second to the youth hostels in budget-kindness) almost have Japanese style bathes.
They are usually separated for men and women, and bathers always take a bath without any clothes on like nudist beaches.
When you take a bath into Japanese style bathes, please pay attention as following.

  1. When entering the bath, you are supposed to first take a shower outside of the bath.
  2. After cleaning yourself, you enter the bath which is used for soaking only.
  3. Don't bring towel into the bath, and no soap should get into the bathing water.
  4. Washing your body is outside of the bath.
  5. Swimming is not allowed.

Getting more information, please access to Japan-Guide.

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